OCD Coachworks

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O.C.D. Coachworks

       O.C.D. Coachworks started as just a couple of intense perfectionist who were sick of working for hacks and shysters.   We are basically obsessed with building vehicles.  Doesn’t really matter what it is.  With experience in various forms of motorsports, prototype design and building, custom cars and bikes, and all forms of projects in between there is no project we can’t handle, and we enjoy them all.  In some cases we are more excited about the project than you.  I know that sounds crazy but we enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of finishing a project that is second to none.  It might sound like we are stroking our ego, tooting our own horn, but it’s all true. We love our job and we are very good at it.  It never gets old seeing the look on someone’s face after taking their idea and making it a reality.  Our finished product is your concept, your idea and your dream. All we do is take your input and figure out the absolute best and safest way to make it happen.

       Getting to this end result isn’t always so simple.  Everyone’s heard the statement,” easier said than done.” Not many people can see the potential in a project.  The ability to look at a mutilated piece of canvas and see a masterpiece in the making.  To be able to look at a rusted out shell and see the finished product sitting at your local car show or even a track day.  We have this ability and after all, the most important step in any project is planning.  Knowing step by step how to get from the first day to the last day and thinking ten steps ahead at all times.  We can keep this kind of intense concentration and focus on your project because we only build one vehicle at a time.  No exceptions.  No one is going to come before you, you won’t be put on the back burner because yours is the only vehicle in the shop.

         Your constant input during the course of your project is not suggested, it’s required.  We are here to build your project and thus require your constant and consistent participation throughout the building process.  You as the customer need to see exactly what goes into your vehicle.  You need to see how things are made and how they are installed and how much time is taken to do these things.  It is too often that we hear,” How is that even possible?” or,” That looks so simple.”  We make the complex look simple.  This becomes a problem when you haven’t seen the steps involved in making that ,”simple,” part or assembly because most people don’t understand or believe how much time is required to complete certain tasks.  You being a part of your project will solve this problem while at the same time allowing you the opportunity to become more involved with your project.  It makes you part of our team.

         Email us, give us a call, or stop by.  We look forward to building your next project, whatever it might be.

OCD Coachworks logo - Metal Art
1982 Kawasaki GPZ 550 Cafe Racer
Custom Aluminum Fairing
Custom Fabricated Suspension
Weld Art Scull Hammer
1967 MGB Custom Aluminum Hard Top